"Debbie! Come here! I just unlocked my iPhone with my nipple."

"I mean, it was weird, because usually my M.O. is to drink way more alcohol than everyone else and embarrass myself, but somehow I didn’t. It was crazy."

As she’s sitting naked on her bed, a tie-dye bandana tied around her head, reading me her journal: “I’m not embarrassed about my feelings!”

"You’re just gonna be crazy! Walking around with all the homeless people. So crazy." -In her sleep. 


"Oh. My. God. Those babies are so much smaller than normal babies."

"I told you guys that I was gay… what I really meant was that a man put a baby inside of me."

"Straight up, in seventh grade, I was the shit. Everybody loved me, I don’t know why."


"usually, I sleep facing the wall, but lately, I’ve been sleeping facing outward. It’s like, I just want to stare at you the instant I wake up."

Debbie: What is that smell?
Holly: ... yeah, I wish I hadn't eaten that.